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Rates Pure Escort Service

We at Pure Senses Escort maintain an all-in rate including VAT and transport costs for our escort service in Amsterdam and all other major cities in the Netherlands. Because the driving distance always starts from Amsterdam, the prices may vary for each region. We offer the lowest traveling time of any agengy in Amsterdam. An independent escort girl can be with you in Amsterdam in less then 30 minutes. For other cities we might charge 2 hours instead of 1 because of the extra traveling time. Please give our escort agency a call at +31(20)-6364083 for more information. Our friendly phone operators will help you along finding the right date!

Rates escort Alkmaar € 140 Rates escort Almere € 150
Rates escort Amersfoort € 280* Rates escort Amstelveen € 140
Rates escort Amsterdam € 140 Rates escort Apeldoorn € 400**
Rates escort Breda € 280* Rates escort Den Bosch € 400**
Rates escort Den Haag € 260* Rates escort Eindhoven € 400**
Rates escort Enschede € 550*** Rates escort Rotterdam € 280*
Rates escort Haarlem € 150 Rates escort Hoofddorp € 140
Rates escort Leeuwarden € 550*** Rates escort Lelystad € 280*
Rates escort Leiden € 260** Rates escort Maastricht € 550***
Rates escort Schiphol € 140 Rates escort Utrecht € 160
Rates escort Zoetermeer € 260* Rates escort Zwolle € 400**
Rates escort Zaanstad € 150 Rates escort Zaandam € 140


Rates marked with a * are for a minimum of 1 hour. Rates with ** are for a minimum of 2 hours. Rates with * are for a minimum of *** hours. This is because due traveling time from Amsterdam. If you would like to speak one of our phone operators in private please call Pure Escort service on +31 (20)-6364083.